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Sales Torpedo

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2019

Years ago I worked for Honeywell in the Underseas Systems Division (USD). More specifically I worked in the Signal Processing group of their MK50 torpedo system.

The torpedo's sonar and guidance system use repetitive pings which were then processed in order to detect the underwater signature (outline) of an enemy submarine.

The guidance system continually updates its data (environmental information) with every successive ping and then makes the necessary prediction and adjustments until it finds its target.

Sales presentations, cold calls, demos should be viewed in the same context as a 'hunting' torpedo. Initially, you're not going to hit your target (i.e., perfect pitch, conversation or demonstration).

But like a torpedo's algorithm, with every iteration, you will learn, you will get better and you will get smarter.  And eventually, you'll hit your intended target (stride).



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