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Sell Without Fear

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2018

"Slow down to sell faster."

Many salespeople, when they're just starting out, hit the ground running.

Because when they started out, they were a little afraid that the customer might ask a question and they wouldn't know the answer. So what did they do as part of their defense? They asked a lot of questions, listened more because they didn't want to show their "ignorance". That's just what we all do when we're first starting out; listen more, we ask questions more often. After a steady stream of closed deals, you gain some confidence, get in the natural flow of your sales process and turn on 'Selling Autopilot'.

Here's what happens over time: as you begin to learn your product, and begin to learn what the customer's going to say and ask, you stop listening. This can have a huge impact on the customer if they don't feel heard or considered. Maybe the reason they bought from you wasn't so much the product, but maybe it was because you really listened to them. So if your sales are stagnant, you need to go slower like when you first started.

So the first answer to this problem is; let's slow down. Go back and analyze what you used to do. Maybe you did ask more questions or, took more time with the customer.

What questions did you ask?

What was your prospecting process like?

How often did you let the customer speak vs. how much you talk now?

Go back and analyze what you were doing that led you to this success and, what maybe caused your decline in sales.

Secondly, I often see salespeople get desperate for any sale while they're in this stagnant sales stage. After analyzing what can be done to get back to your high closing rate, shift your mindset.

I want you to start selling without fear. Put the lost sales behind you and assume you're going to get back to normal. In other words, I don't want you to be afraid to lose the sale, because clients can sense that; they can smell the desperation on you when they know that you're hungry for a sale. Acting like this sale will be a make or break will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and you'll keep losing sales. If you believe in your product, you believe it's a great product, you believe the customer needs your product, and you believe it offers great value, do not be afraid. If you're going to lose a sale, lose it your way.

But what I want you to do is stop being afraid. 

And if they say no, ask them, "Why not?" Don't be afraid to challenge them a little bit. You want to say, "Mr. Customer, I understand that maybe you believe this isn't the right fit. Could you share with me why it's not the right fit?"

And even if you lost a deal, at least they'll give you some feedback, so when you go to the next deal, you'll be better prepared. And if they say yes, great, but don't be afraid to ask for the order.

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