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The Disappointment Zone

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2019

The challenge we all face is business is not giving up in the face of repeated loses, inexplicable adversity or simply just bad luck.  We do all the right things yet the end result is nothing or a smidgeon of progress.

In speaking to a friend today he was telling me how disappointed and dejected he felt at NOT being able to grow his business.

When our expectation of what should happen doesn’t match what is actually happening, the tendency is to immediately turn to self-doubt and cynicism which leads to giving up.

In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear called this "The Valley of Disappointment" (Disappointment Zone) where people give up.

james clear, atomic habits valley of disappointment

In business, we’re ALL struggling to “figure it out” (i.e., expand market share, scale our business, create shareholder value, etc.). 

Know that you’re not alone. 



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