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The Huevón Zone

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2019

About a year ago, a young man whom I've known for a few years called for advice. He had a dilemma. He was offered a full scholarship to a 4-year university and was thinking of putting his training business on hold.

I asked, "Why? Why do you want the degree?"

He responded, "Well, it's free and I always wanted a bachelor's degree?"

There were three problems with his thinking:

1) Just because someone offers you something for FREE doesn't mean you should accept it.

2) Nothing is ever free! Payments come in three forms: physical, financial or psychological. Opportunity cost is real!

3) Want and Need are two things. You may WANT something, but do you NEED it? He wanted a degree but he didn't need it to be successful in his business.

After stating the above, my parting words at the time were,

"You know what you want and its to have your own business and you're tossing it away because you think you need a degree and it's free. Stop being a huevón (lazy idiot said with love in Spanish)! You need to commit to building your existing business."

Fast Forward >>> yesterday

My young friend calls to give me an update. He had declined the scholarship and committed himself to grow the business. He also informed me that he scored a major deal and has business booked well into the 3rd quarter of 2020. I could hear the joy in his voice.

"Victor, I want to thank you. When you called me a huevón, that woke me up and inspired me to get focus. I can't begin to tell you how that conversation (a year ago) has changed my life. Thank you."

Sometimes, you have to let those you care about know when they've entered into the 'huevón zone'!



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